Just a couple of days ago more than 450 delegates from 32 countries gathered in Athens for the Crowd Dialog Europe.

All 22 main stage talks have been remastered and will be available online one the YouTube channel. To start, discover the the first set of 3 talks and presentations.

Talk #1 – Benchmarking Crowd Regulations

Samson Williams
Chief Strategy Officer, CoFunder

A constitutional journey via USA and Africa to the European Union

The key to successful equity crowdfunding is realizing what you are in fact doing – selling. Every successful equity crowdfunding effort is in fact not about “funding” but about marketing, advertising and ultimately selling your offering. The regulations around marketing your offering vary depending on what your offering is, where you’re physically offering it, and who can participate in the offering.

Please download Samson´s presentation here Going Grey – the wild west of ICOs and crowd sales

Talk #2 – New actors – new money – new conversations

Florence de Maupeou
Coordinatrice générale at Financement Participatif France

A mapping of recent initiatives in France

How can the crowdfunding actors converge to initiate a dialogue with the stakeholders and allow the development of crowdfunding? For many of the ‘new actors’, new platforms have developed as spaces for convergence and agenda-setting. A case for a coherent approach to crowdfunding making it easier, more transparent and trustworthy, to facilitate citizens’ cross-border investments.

Please download Florence´s presentation here New actors – new money – new conversations


To know more about the emergence of a meta-organisation for the development of crowdfunding, read the article of Héloïse Berkowitz and Antoine Souchaud (in French) :

Combler un vide organisationnel dans la fabrique d’une politique publique : l’émergence d’une méta-organisation

Héloïse Berkowitz et Antoine Souchaud
Octobre 2017

[READ THE ARTICLE (in French)]

Abstract :
Comment assurer la réussite d’une fabrique plurielle d’une politique publique dans un secteur émergent comme le financement participatif ou crowdfunding ? A travers une étude de cas approfondie, cet article revient sur la place des plateformes de crowdfunding dans le réseau d’acteurs cherchant à influencer la régulation, c’est-à-dire le policy network du crowdfunding. La méthodologie s’appuie sur des documents juridiques et trente-et-un entretiens pour reconstituer les séquences stratégiques de cette co-construction et les dialogues implicites entre acteurs hétérogènes. Nous montrons le passage d’un mouvement collectif informel de plateformes à une méta-organisation sectorielle forte, légitime et crédible qui contribue à la gouvernance sectorielle en gérant la pluralité des acteurs et en servant d’intermédiaire de négociation. En entrepreneur institutionnel, la méta-organisation vient compléter le policy network émergent, et conditionne la réussite de la co-construction des politiques publiques dans un secteur nouveau. Cet article contribue à développer la notion de « vide organisationnel » dans un policy network émergent, i.e. l’absence d’un intermédiaire organisé, et à montrer comment peut se structurer en réponse, une méta-organisation.

Talk #3 – A liquid global crowd wth instant scalability

Piero Zanchi
Managing Director Accenture

How to access a liquid global crowd and address instant scalability or specific needs of critical skills. The change in technology landscape and the need of agility to face the market challenges – according to the concept of “liquid workforce” – are two key drivers for a successful digital transformation. In such a context, the crowdsourcing allows organizations to expand their workforce rapidly and at scale by including external skills and resources. But only with the right mindset change and management skills, organizations could gain benefits from this technique. Accenture is embracing this technique, allowing to timely access a liquid global crowd and address instant scalability or specific needs of critical skills.

Please download Piero´s presentation here How to access a liquid global crowd


For 2018 the Crowd Dialog Europe motto will be “The New Beginning”.